Xi’an the ancient capital of China – Photography series

The Cradle of Chinese civilization

The cradle of the Chinese advanced and ancient civilization. The hub of the Silk route. Mixed cultures and history is linked throughout in the City’s veins. It was the home of the first emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. Xi’an is formerly known as Chang’an. This emperor is also buried here in the famous tomb and is famous of the preserved Terracotta army to protect the emperor in the after life. Just for a weekend away from the campus. 2 Hours from Zhengzhou by High speed train in the Shaanxi province. It’s a city of 6.5 million people and still growing.

A blend of cultures

Because of the silk route the Arabic traders and merchants brought the Islam to China. I found myself in the heart of the City near the famous bell tower. The muslim quarter is a blend of different minorities. The Hui people in particular. It’s a very touristy area but it is a nice place to hang around and feel yourself in a total different world.


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