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Pressure at Metroland Media Belleville

Because Iwas really busy with traveling through Canada. I wasn’t be able to write the story about my experiences in Belleville, Ontario Canada. A friend of mine that lives in Hillier and I was staying there for a couple of days. My friend’s partner is Andrew. He works as an Account Executive at Metroland. The period I was staying in the Prince Edward County was a busy team for Metroland… well actually a busy time for Andrew. Still I was curious about the way they work. It’s good to look the wider perspective than advertising and design. Metroland is the largest community newspaper publisher. It provides local news and advertising in the region of Ontario. It’s also the most awarded newspaper publisher.

My career started actually as desktop publisher and graphic designer at a company for a publisher of local newspapers. So I was triggered by my friend who told me about Andrew’s work. We were arriving in Belleville in the early afternoon but Andrew moved his schedule a bit because there were tons of meetings that day. So we should have lunch first and come after. As we did. First we had a chat with Andrew’s supervisor Ron (he also has some Dutch Heritage). I saw Andrew and he looks exhausted. He was telling me about the deadline he was facing to have all the advertisements on time. But the clients for who he is providing the adverts were a bit lazy. So he needs to call them and ask them send over some information. Well that’s something really familiar what I experienced at my agencies I’ve worked with. Clients are lazy and are always late to provide a proper briefing or information. But you get screwed when you miss the deadline. So it is always our fault in the eyes of the client. It’s a fact that clients won’t think that properly what’s frustrating the people behind the scenes to make a proper advertisement. Andrew told me about farmers group. Lazy or busy (whatever you want to call it) but calling them isn’t always possible. So he needs to call them before 8 pm in the morning otherwise they’re on the farmland. The worst clients are real estate people: they want more more more for less less less.

Andrew told me about that Metroland is divided in two parts. Metroland itself the sales part and the design, advertising and marketing part. The other half is called Susan K Bailey. They are providing the designs for the magazines or advertisements. It’s more the creative heart of the company. Susan K Bailey is working close with Metroland but can be independent as well. It was a short tour Andrew was busy so we just had 20 minutes to see the entire building. But it was a nice tour and I recognize a lot about the stories Andrew told me.

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