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Power of improvisation by Eriks Chase

After a long day of flying, I arrived in Los Angeles, which is also known as the City of Angels.  I stayed overnight in the Hollywood area. Despite being in Hollywood, I didn’t see any famous celebrities, but I met several actors. For example, I met a French woman who is often on French television shows.  She informed me that she is staying for one month to complete an acting course. Well, I told her that she is in the right place. Hollywood is a huge melting pot with showbiz, people looking for acting job, and the like.

I shared a room with Eriks Chase. He is an upcoming star, but he doesn’t know that yet. He appears in several TV series like “Breaking Bad,” the movie “Thor,” and a lot of TV commercials. From that point of view, it ain’t that.  His heart is in comedy; that’s the reason why he’s in Hollywood.  He is taking some courses and private lessons. He really love the improvising comedy part.   For Dutch viewers, if you know Dutch TV show “The Lama’s,” you will know the kind of comedy that Eriks enjoy.

Our conversation was about sharing our experiences, but also what we have in common.  Eriks has a passion of being an actor, while I have a paction of being an art director.  We concluded that following up on your passion, it gives you a lot and can take you further than you think originally could do.  All it takes is taking that extra little step and doing the 110%, not just 100%. 

Also, another thing I like about creativity is the improvisation element.  Everybody does it, but they aren’t aware of it. Creative people like those in the advertising industry are doing it all the time. For examples, they make adjustments to the original assignment, improve an idea by improvising other people’s input, etc.  Creative people, in general, are more aware of their abilities  because they know how to use these skills.

Conversely, improvisation comedy is also a team effort.  It takes a team of people to create a perfect sketch out of nothing.  It also takes good timing and delivering of jokes for them to be successful.  These elements remind me of how an art director, a copywriter, or a group of creative people can create awesome advertising.  While I am aware that there was a time in the advertising industry when those involved were protective of their own ideas and concepts out of fear that they would be stolen, nowadays, the younger generation embraces the sharing of effort, ideas, and the like.  For me, that’s a sign of good progress. 

Want to know more about Eriks Chase check his IMBD profile.


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