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Meet up with a starting freelance copywriter

Seattle also known as the Emerald City is a vibrant city in the Pacific Northwest.  I did not succeed with visiting the creative spaces at Publics Seattle or DNA Seattle.  I was not too disappointed because Seattle is a city that expresses its creativity in a variety of ways,  from the Space Needle to the largely scaled museums, galleries and public spaces. 

Furthermore, I met a great guy in the hostel that I stayed at. Just after breakfast, I saw him working behind his Macbook doing some designing on Illustrator. I asked, “Are you a designer?”   Well, he wasn’t. He’s actually a copywriter. Josh Stark was in the process of starting out as an independent freelance copywriter. So, he was busy creating a logo for himself. Because I introduce myself as an art director, we instantly talking about advertising and interspersed our conversation with sharing my portfolio and what I was doing in The Netherlands during my advertising stint.

Josh lived and worked in New York, the global centre of advertising. He has an impressive resume showing that he has worked for some of the biggest agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi (in LA), Tribal DDB, Y&R, and so on.  Now after all those years as senior copywriter, he decided to do something different:  start out for himself.

He wants to call his agency ‘Stark’ because it’s not only his last name, but aso it has a variety of meanings like ‘strong’ in German or Tony Stark of the Avengers. The logo that he has been creating had to be simple and he want put it on a t-shirt. So less is more.

I then asked Josh about New York. Because I wasn’t be able to get into advertising agencies in Seattle, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to do this in New York City. According to Josh, I should be possible because New Yorkers are open minded people and should really care about people when they bring some creativity. So, I hope my chances are bigger at the east coast.   I’ll see about that. Anyways thanks to this meeting, I now have got one advertising connection. It’s a start and maybe more to follow.

Josh, thanks for sharing your experiences. And I wish you all the best and luck for your new company.

Want to know more about Josh Stark check his website:

Creative Globetrotter meets Josh Stark

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