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Being connected and extending your network is not only for experience, but also for the people who are working or have been working at the big agencies. You recognize some talented people that will achieve great things. Like Maddie in Thailand, Valentin Küpfer is a student. I met him in the Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies. 

While he was showing me his pictures, Valentin spotted some Grizzly bears. I noticed he’s really good in photography. Later that evening, I saw him again and showed some other pictures. And were they ever awesome!

So I asked what kind of profession he has. Valentin studied photography at the Berufsschule für Gestaltung in Zürich, Switzerland. It’s like The Eindhovensche school where I studied for a pre study program before enrolling at the Arts Academy. He was telling he want to study at the Arts Academy, but has taken some time off for the summer before returning to his study in the fall.  Actually, it was not really clear what he wanted to study at the Arts Academy. I think something related to photography would be nice.  Although, I did show him my portfolio and he told me that he liked the advertising part as well. I think he will figure it out during his inspiring trip through Dubai, Australia, USA, and Canada.

What I really like about him is not only he’s a nice guy, but also he got the 3 points that every talented photographer should have. First, a professional who knows how the camera works. For a photographer, it is important to know every feature on your camera when you are making the most beautiful pictures. Second, a photographer knows how to use composition while the action takes place. Take the pictures of the bears that I was telling you about, he made excellent pictures by using the bush in the front and bears in the background look sharp. Third, a photographer shall do everything that one can to make the composition a lot better. Some photographers add some items or remove it, or actually for some photographers it’s the task of the stylist. Some photographers climb lying on the ground or climb in a tree.

Valentin, however, stepped out of the car while he saw the grizzly bears with their cubs. Well, the park rangers warned us to not go out of the car when a bear with young bears is within a close proximity to you in the car because mother bears are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Nevertheless, Valentin was brave enough to step aside in spite of all the risk and made that one perfect picture.  Even still, he admits that he needs to learn a lot more, but he is 20 years old.  If you can make pictures like Valetin can, then you know you will be a ‘big’ one.

Check for Valentin Küpfer awesome pictures:


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