Public lecture at Yunma

Creative Globetrotter public lecture at Yunma Design

Last week I gave my first public lecture in China, at Yunma Design. Together with Rens vd Heuvel (Graphic & Multimedia Designer, Netherlands), Kym To (Head of Foreign Teachers and Graphic Designer, Netherlands), Javier (3d Animation and Illustration, Spain) and Marie Doutrepont (Fashion Designer, Belgium), we elaborated on our experience in sharing knowledge with Chinese students, and our Western approach to it.

The audience was composed of people active in different branches, such as fashion, graphic design, interior design, multimedia design, advertising, etc. The owner and founder of Yunma Design, Steven Yu, was also part of the audience.

It was interesting to see the same red line surfacing in all five of the 20 minutes presentations held. We all advocated for freedom of creation, thinking outside the box, and exploration of individual creative capabilities as opposed to following directions and choosing for the comfort of clear limitations.

The presentations were held entirely in English and translated to Chinese by our foreign officer at MIADA, Peng Dongwei (Herbert). A big round of applause went out to his performance.

I want to thank MIADA and Yunma Design for this opportunity.

Focus moments before the lectures

Public lecture


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