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Video Teaching at the ZUA, China

Teaching at the Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics for product design students is a challenge and fun at the same time. In this short impression video I filmed the process and progress of my students and the adventures in my free time in and around Zhengzhou and Henan province, China.     If you like this you also check this: Ho…

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Daily life at Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics campus

New photoseries of the campus where I’m teaching in Zhengzhou (郑州). Just a couple of weeks in China so I have use my free time wisely. I’ve been already to downtown (pictures coming soon) but just lazy sunday for me. So I made pictures on the Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics campus.   If you like this check also these photoseries:…

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Having fun during the break

Zhengzhou (郑州) awesome laidbackness

Nog maar een maand geleden was ik uit Myanmar en Thailand vertrokken en nu zit ik weer in het hart van China. Dit keer geen Chongqing maar dit keer ben ik werkzaam op de Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics. Ik geef les in Design Methodology de komende weken en het is een geheel andere ervaring dan Chongqing. Ik moet toegeven onzeker…

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Photoseries – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok doesn’t need an introduction. The capital of Thailand is a great mix of cultures and where old meets new. The city of 10 million people in the greater Bangkok area is by far the number 1 position of big cities in the South East Asian area with the convenient and reliable transportation, business and trade hub. The past months…

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Photo series: Bagan and trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake

From the biggest cities to the ancient sites of Bagan and the trekking between Kalaw and Inle Lake on the mountain plateau of over 1500 meters above sea level. Bagan (Pagan) You haven’t visit Myanmar if you haven’t been to Bagan. However not on the Unesco heritage list it is must visit. Bagan can be compared with the ‘Angkor Wat’…

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Photo series: The 2 biggest cities of Myanmar

The two biggest cities of Myanmar are Yangon (the former capital) and the 2nd largest one Mandalay. Amazing culture those Burmese / Myanmarese(?). It feels like a mix of China, South East Asian and Indian. Two Cities north vs south with 2 distinguished own cultures. Yangon Yangon also known as Rangoon is the former capital. The Myanmar government decide to…

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Photo series of Vientiane, Thakhek motorbike loop, Pakse and 4000 islands

Traveled even more south near the Cambodian border. From Vientiane, the capital, I did the 3 day motorbike loop in Thakhek and ended up in the 4000 islands (one of the most relax places in entire Laos). Vientiane If you travel Laos most of the time you follow the Mekong River what is also a border with Thailand and in…

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North Lao Photoseries – Luang Prabang and Phonsavan

In North Lao I visit the cities of Luang Prabang, Luang Namtha and Phonsavan. In this post I post the photos of Luang Prabang and Phonsavan. The Luang Namtha trekking photos you can find here. Luang Prabang My travels in Lao I started in Luang Prabang an ancient but small city. Has an international airport direct connection with China and…

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Vietnam photo series: Ninh Binh, Ha long bay/Cat ba, Hanoi, Sapa and Ha giang

Photo series of North Vietnam Well my journey has come to an end in Vietnam. Currently I’m in Laos now. But with a huge load of pictures and memories I want to share you a bit of it. This photo series is about the Northern part of Vietnam. In wintertime it is much colder, rainy and if you are lucky…

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De diversiteit van Vietnam

Laat ik voorop stellen dat ik best verrast ben dat Vietnam het al zo ver heeft gebracht. Ondanks de conflicten en oorlogen die het land heeft meegemaakt. Ik zou Vietnam nu beschouwen als het ‘nieuwe’ Thailand. Hoe Thailand 10 jaar geleden was is Vietnam nu. Een land in opbouw en een rooskleurige toekomst. En natuurlijk heeft het land nog te…

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HaGiang-dag3-1130135 00.09.13

Ha Giang and Dong Van Motorbike loop – Video and Photo series

Save the best for last If you travel from the south from Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City all the way up north to the northern border with Vietnam/China. You save the best for last. If you have time I would recommend do the Ha Giang Motorbike loop. The trip goes through the Dong Van plateau with the most stunning scenery you’ll…

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Photography – Hoi An – Da Nang – Hue – Phong Nha

After one month in Vietnam it feels very comfortable to be in this country. So I continue my photo series of Vietnam. This time I traveled from Nha Trang (beach resort city – please pass this city if you can) to Hoi An, Da Nang, Hué and Phong Nha. Amazing places each with their distinguish highlights. If you want see…

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Video Hangout in Mui Ne short

Hangout and relax in Mui Ne Mui Ne is a very laid back beach place just 3 hours east from Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon. Not much activities there (there are some tours) but mostly hangout on the beach or pool. In this video short you feel the laid back feeling of the surfers, swimmers, backpackers, travelers. Even the…

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Photography Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat and Mui Ne, Vietnam

Just have an amazing first week in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon, Dalat and Mui Ne. And made some awesome pictures as well of the locals, fishermen, tradesmen, businessmen and the locals as well. Hereby a photo series of the cities in southern Vietnam.   Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon All travelers start in Hanoi or in the south…

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Interview op C-Talents over mijn reisblog

Als je veel reist en veel blogt over diverse plaatsen die je aandoet gebeurd het wel eens dat je geïnterviewd wordt. Zo ook deze keer door het uitzendbureau C-Talents. Een uitzendbureau speciaal voor mensen met (auditieve) beperking die naar de talenten van de personen kijken om ze vervolgens op een plek te detacheren die écht bij hen past. En in…

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Tuktuks zijn overal te vinden

Een reis door de gigantische mix van Sri Lanka

Inmiddels 3,5 week verder, ervaringen rijker zit ik deze tekst te typen op de laatste dag van mijn verblijf hier op Sri Lanka. Een ander land dat is het zeker wat ik gewend ben. Qua eten niet zo heel veel verschillend met de andere landen in Zuid Azië of Zuid-Oost Azië. Veel al rijst gecombineerd met lokale groente en vooral…

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Reistips voor slechthorenden, doven en mensen met CI

‘Traveling disabled becomes disabled traveling.’ Dat is een van mijn motto’s als ik aan het reizen ben. Slechthorend met 65 dB gehoorverlies aan 1 oor en met het andere oor doof weerhield mij er niet van om vanaf december 2014 continu aan éen stuk door te reizen. Regelmatig terug geweest naar Nederland maar niet stil kunnen zitten en met mijn…

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Traveling the world for over 2 years and travel 150.000 km

This is my round the world trip so far. I travel 20 countries with a distance of over 150.000 km. But the story continues. Keep an eye for future travel blogs and videos. My travel itinerary Traveling, blogging and teaching in the countries: Dubai, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, China,…

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European Youth Centre visit in Budapest

Several weeks ago. The Creative Globetrotter was in the Hungarian capital: Budapest. And was visiting the European Youth Centre what is a part of the European Council. Do workshops, give workshops and give my TED talk again with the IFHOHYP (international Federation Hard of Hearing Young People). Everything what has to do with human rights and especially the United Nations…

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Indonesia part 2 – Java

My second part of this journey through my country of birth Indonesia took me from Jakarta all the way to the far east part of Java island up to Madura Island. Amazing journey where I found my roots, saw the most impressive temples and heritage sights, met old friends and meet new ones, crazy but friendly guides and van drivers.…

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First part of Indonesia – Sumatra

My first encounter with my country of birth is an amazing but sometimes a confusing experience. Not only personally about thoughts you have but also other people look at you. Besides that Sumatra i’ve visit is a great Island with a diversity of vegetation, national parks and wildlife. The best off all I was lucky to see 8 Urang Utans.…

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Danish creativity and agency experience in Copenhagen

How such a small country is leading in digital, design, fashion and advertising My Chinese adventure ended last year in 2016. But for a change, I posted a blog online about my Danish experience in Copenhagen. Somehow being in Denmark intrigued me. Because of the holidays I didn’t have much time to write so I post this as soon as possible in…

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Happy new year

2016 was an interesting year, my 2nd year as The Creative Globetrotter brought me to the again to the highest mountains in the world the Himalayas, one of the most Spiritual places in Tibet like Lhasa, Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, the unique red village of Tibet Buddists of Sertar and Larung Gar Institute, sharing knowledge with my creative students…

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Merry Christmas you all

Traveling the world almost for 2 years and came home again preparing for my next trips. I want thank all my followers and people I’ve meet the past 2 years for the amazing experiences. I’m ready to hit the road for the 3rd year of The Creative Globetrotter adventure. Merry Christmas to you all!

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TEDx rehearsal in the skybar of the Marriott

The Creative Globetrotter speech at TEDx Chongqing

Well my TEDx is not yet posted on the Net. But still I have a lot of pictures AND the behind the scene movie of the last TEDx Chongqing event. Amazing team, great talkers and a awesome first TEDx talk experience it gave me a lot of energy. Behind the Scenes at TEDx Chongqing (with The Creative Globetrotter in it…

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Fun at MIADA

Hello Chongqing deeltje 2

We zijn weer terug in Chongqing, China. Na wat omzwervingen in Breda, Hamburg (D), Hedensted, Kopenhagen (2x), Lier (B) ben ik na 2 maanden weer terug op het oude nest. Dat het dit semester anders zou worden dan het eerste semester had ik wel verwacht. Maar dat het zooo anders zou worden had ik eigenlijk niet verwacht. Maar goed waar…

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Creative Globetrotter give a TEDx Talk

Yes it is on. Next week in the Chongqing Theatre in China. I give a TEDx talk about possibilities of disability. My experiences as a hearing impaired person in the creative industry and talk about believe in possibilities and create awareness. Also talk about my 2 year experience as The Creative Globetrotter. I’m the only foreign speaker in between the…

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Along the river banks of the Yangtzé

Strolling along the river banks of the Yangtzé in Chongqing. Great to see those local people fishing their food for dinner. Under the Caiyuanba Bridge there’s a world not many will see. Interesting hiding in the shadows of the great bridge that is connecting the South bank with the Chongqing Peninsula.

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IFHOHYP Summercamp 2016 Denmark – aftermovie

The Creative Globetrotter attend the IFHOHYP (International Federation Hard of Hearing Young People) Summercamp 2016 in Hedensted Denmark. Lectures, workshops and exchange info and experience everything was has to do with hear impairment. And of course a lot of other leisure activities and having a lot of fun.    

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De laatste dagen…

The final countdown… een dezer dagen doet de single denken aan de band ‘Europe’. En Europe is inderdaad waar ik terug naar toe ga. Best gek eigenlijk de tijd is ontzettend maar dan ontzettend snel gegaan. Nog sneller dan met mijn wereldtrip. Omdat ik langere periodes had waar ik van plek naar plek moest reizen waardoor de tijd wat langzamer…

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The people of Lhasa, Tibet – B & W Photoseries

Packed between the trans himalayan mountains and the Himalayas there is Lhasa, Tibet. After a 2 day train trip I arrived in one of the most spiritual regions in the world. Photoserie The People of Lhasa are kind people devote religious beings to pray and walk the pilgrimage every day. So much respect for those people who suffer a lot…

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Public lecture at Yunma

Creative Globetrotter public lecture at Yunma Design

Last week I gave my first public lecture in China, at Yunma Design. Together with Rens vd Heuvel (Graphic & Multimedia Designer, Netherlands), Kym To (Head of Foreign Teachers and Graphic Designer, Netherlands), Javier (3d Animation and Illustration, Spain) and Marie Doutrepont (Fashion Designer, Belgium), we elaborated on our experience in sharing knowledge with Chinese students, and our Western approach…

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The Creative Globetrotter – workshop weeks at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

The final works following a 5 week workshop with sophomores of the English experimental class of Artistic Talents at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (SCFIA) were presented on the 28th of May. This was also the last day that I spent with this special group of students of different majors, after an amazing journey. It all started in the beginning of…

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Young Monk

Amazing Sertar / Seda black and white series

Sertar or Seda also known as the ‘Golden Horse’. It’s in Sichuan province on my 5 day adventures trip that was almost like pilgrimage itself I end up above 4100 meters. In a village of 10.000 (some say 40.000) buddhist Tibetan Monks living here. Their entire life they pray and study the way of Buddhism and work for the community…

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Creative Globetrotter at Yunma Design, Chinese vs European creativity

Last week, after the extremely busy graduation exhibition and evaluation interviews at MIADA were completed, I finally got the chance to visit Yunma Design. The plan was to visit this agency in the first weeks of my stay in Chongqing, but time has flown by seamlessly. The name of the agency had dropped several times during conversations at MIADA and…

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Group picture Lee ann and students

Creative Globetrotter in CQ – Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

I’ve been in Chongqing for a few weeks now, and the less jetlagged I get, the more I enjoy being here. Students are working hard on their projects and I make it my mission to keep things fun. Graduate students remind me of myself in my time at the  Willem de Kooning Academy. You can really spot them borderlining between…

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Chongqing skyline at night

Creative Globetrotter in China, Ni Hao Chongqing

I’m on the road again. China. It is a totally different experience from last year’s. Last year I kept going, this year I will be staying put. Last year was about taking, this year is about giving back. For the next couple of months, I will be a guest teacher within MIADA, the Modern International Arts & Design Academy at…

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